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From 2010-12 Maggi wrote the "Your Town Salem" Boston Globe ( "History Time" column as a regular Globe Correspondent; she also edited occasional guest-written articles from other scholars.

Other writers included Jim Dalton, Bob Booth, Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello (Salem State University), Julie Arrison (HNE) and Ben Railton, "professor of American literature, culture, history, and, natch, Studies" at Fitchburg State College, MA.

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"Your Town Salem" section (new ones on Weds.)

By Maggi Smith-Dalton & Jim Dalton

Globe Correspondents

Joint Bylines, Maggi and Jim

History Time: Salem's connection to 'Jingle Bells'


Maggi's Globe Articles 2012

Salem's Fruitful

Hawthorne Family (page 2)

Salem's Fruitful Hawthorne Family (pg 1)

Salem's Oddest Election (4)

Salem's Oddest Election (3)

Salem's Oddest Election (2)

Salem's Oddest Election (1)

Sara Willis Eldred Takes Up Her Pen

"Can You Tell Me Anything About This Fanny Fern?"

Salem's Love of Letters

A "damned mob of scribbling women" (2)

A "damned mob of scribbling women" (1)

Vicious election of 1800 was a watershed

A Salem club for thinking and working (Part 1 of 3)

A Salem Club for Thinking and Working (Part 2 of 3)

A Salem Club for Thinking and Working (Part 3 of 3)


Jim's Globe Articles 2010-2011

Patrick S. Gilmore, Music Man in Salem

Salem Man Witnesses Sicily's Struggle

Salem Witchcraft in the Opera House

Immigrants to Salem Join the Abolitionist Cause

Salem's Musical Druggist

The Man Behind the Gerrymander

Bentley's Diaries Give Some Christmas Insight


Maggi's Globe Articles 2010-2011

History Time: Thoreau Speaks to Salem

Alexander Graham Bell Makes a Connection

The Jubilee Singers Thrill Salem

Salem Meets Japan

An Early Salem Love Story

Salem and the Civil War

Civil War Salem, The Rallying Point

Civl War Salem, the Beginning of the End

"A Peaceable Man" meets Lincoln

Civil War Salem: The Present Crisis

A Shared Love of History and Music (Fenollosa)

Salem Supporters of the Rising Sun

Ernest Fenollosa's New Encounters

Self-Made Man Frederick Douglass Sways Salem

Salem's Sunless Scare, 1780

The Rise and Descent of "Balloon Tytler" in Salem

Salem's Much Misunderstood Witch Trials

Arthur Miller Finds Inspiration in Salem

William H. Prescott, Salem Historian

Prescott's Emerging Literary Career

The Prescotts Begin Married Life

Yesterday's Salem Today

Salem's Civil War Enthusiasm

A Burst of Immigration in Salem

Salem Takes Pride in Its Culture

Salem Embraces the Railroad Age

Salem Argues the "Woman Question"

Salem and the "Woman Question" Pt. 2

Salem's History of the World

Salem Gives a Home to Local History, Pt. 2

The Great Age of Science Pt. 3

Salem's Fragment of the Divine

Salem's Fragment of the Divine, Pt. 2

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